November 24, 2014

cushions - how to style them and where to buy them!

picture from The Design Files

Cushions are a stylists best friend - I love using them to add colour, texture and interest to a space, but all too often, I see them not being used correctly or people just lacking confidence to pull them together. In fact it's probably one of the most asked questions I get - how do I pull them together and where do I buy them from.  Well, today I am going to reveal some of the things I like to do with cushions!

picture Freedom Furniture

1.  no matter what colour couch you have always include a black and white zig zag (or Chevron) cushion - it helps define the space and ground it!

2. Add interest with colour and shape - mix the shapes up, round, large square, rectangular

 3. Mix prints and strips

Add texture - velvet, shag - what ever tickles your fancy

 4. never match - always mix

 5. Layer them in odd numbers - 3, 5 or 7!!!
 6. don't try to hard - just throw them on - there really is no formula

Picture - Crate Expectations
 7. Add some quirk - words or animal prints - have some fun
8. I love feather inserts - they really make all the difference
9. kids ranges can equally look good in an adult setting!

 always add black and white to the mix - this cushion is so affordable - from IKEA
 Rachel Castle Round Cushions - add some fun and Colour to a space
 this is my go to cushion from the IKEA range and it feather filled!
9. keep the colour pallet simple - no more than 3 shades of colour
10. add some metallic to spice things up.

My top 10 
Destinations for Cushions

they have the most amazing cushion wall - shop here for range

shop here for colour and quirk

beautiful shapes and colours

on trend and lots to mix and match

huge range and fast delivery

7. Aura
bold designs and nice shapes

shop here to add quirk

9. Ikea
great basics and some feather filled - affordable

10. Freedom
on trend and easily accessible, also great basics at affordable prices

If you need help choosing cushions for your space, I can help you! In home consultations are available and cushion workshops/shopping trips - please contact me for further details.


November 17, 2014

When fashion and Home collide - Mister Zimi and the Bali Villa

 What happens when one of your favourite fashion labels opens a villa for rent in one of your favourite holiday destinations!!!!?????? Well, meet Mister Zimi . This is like a dream come true for me, a Villa decked out in the most fabulous array of colours in the most beautiful place - Bali -  now that's enough to make me get all hot and clammy! The Mister Zimi style is clear throughout the three-bedroom villa, with bright furnishings, gorgeous feature walls in all bedrooms and rugs laid throughout from their own collection.  The villa is available to rent, it sleeps five adults and one child and  cost approx $190 per night - see here for more details Mr Zimi Villa

a sneak peek into Mister Zimi's latest Bird of Paradise Range - amazing!

all pictures Mister Zimi
 colour really does make the world go round - don't you think!!!???

September 09, 2014

gold chalk spends some time with Brooke HOLM - learning from the master.........

On Saturday I attended an amazing course through Megan Morton and The School, it was the second time I have been to the school, the first was about two years ago to do the Styling Master Class with Megan Morton herself!- I was very excited and keen to get some insights on how to photograph interiors and make them POP on gOLd ChaLK's social media outlets. I was not disappointed! Brooke Holm is amazing - the venue was amazing, it had so many props to use - it was so much fun - now I am primed to start practising - hope you all start to notice a difference in my shots!!!!

I came home and took these shoots of my Inspiration board, trying to keep in mind all the things I had learnt - Aperture, shutter speed, F stop! ISO - sounds complex - well it was sort of, but I feel a whole lot more informed, so now I am now keen to get myself a new lenses specially for shooting interiors and a tripod! Watch out gOLd ChALk followers!!!

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