January 21, 2015

7 Vignettes by The 'Interiors Addict

Have you participated in 7 Vignettes from The Interiors Addict on Instagram?  I had been thinking about it for a while and trying to decide whether I could or should, to be honest, I was a little apprehensive about the standard and really not that sure what I had to do to participate. So I had some time over the holidays and I thought it may just be what I need to get my creative mojo back for 2015. I researched it here and had a look at some of the past winners here and here, and I decided to give it a go!

The 7 themes for January were:
1. Sparkle
2. Yellow
3. Blue
4. Green
5. Pink
6. Rainbow and
7. Black and White

playing around with the image and adding filters
I didn't really have a plan in place to start pulling the vignettes together, I more or less just started collecting some of my favourite things in the nominated themes and then started grouping them together. You need to submit a picture a day for the first 7 days of the month, I would strongly suggest to do a couple of pics at a time and have them ready to post each day, unless you have lots of time and are super organised! 
started here, and finished a little differently

It did get easier as the process went along and some of them are nothing like what I had intended or started out with, but I just kept playing around with each one and then photographed it with my iPhone a couple of times, cropping and varying the angles until it just felt right. Sometimes what you see and what the camera sees can be two different things - do you ever find that?.

The blue image is my favourite from this round, followed closely by the Black and White image and the Green one and then the Pink one!!!!

It was a really worthwhile experience, I would highly recommend it - the 7 Vignettes community on Instagram is HUGE and highly supportive .You get to interact with like minded creatives, some of the images are truly amazing. Geez some people are so talented. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Would you give it a go? you can sign up for the alert newsletter here! If I get time, I'm thinking of doing all months in 2015! so stay tuned!!

January 18, 2015

Diary of a styling assistant ........

Getting a styling assistants gig on one of this countries leading home magazines, Home Beautiful, was a tremendous highlight for me in 2014.  It really was a dream come true, I had put it on my wish list and I did everything to make it happen.  Home Beautiful is one of my favourite magazines, I buy it every month and stalk the pages from back to front and then back again. So to actually get in behind the scenes and see what really happens on a photo shoot was actually pretty amazing!!
The day starts really early (around 7am), the head stylist arrives (in this case the very lovely Julia Green), her  car is usually packed to the brim with props and flowers, Then the photographer (in this case - Armelle Habib - an absolutely amazing creative!) arrives, lots of gear and her assistant is usually not far behind! On this particular job, there were two styling assistants working under Julia's direction, myself and another girl - both of us big fat sponges and just watching every move she made. Next up the stylist and the photographer scope out the house -  this is where the fun begins - before you know it - things are being moved around, props moved in and mixed with the existing furniture - this can be as big as a new floor rug, a throws, cushions and/or artwork and as small as a pair of glasses resting on a book!!!!.  Everything is strategically positioned so that the space is best captured by the camera - every little detail counts. In actual fact magazine shoots are all about the details - can you imagine turning every room upside down and then moving it back again once the right shot is captured - it was a huge day - very long hours, lots of waiting for the right light to enter a room - some rooms easier than others. The experience was amazing, I feel very lucky. I left the house at 6pm - the shoot was not complete by then and if that was not long enough - they were all getting up the next day to get to a house Daylesford by 7am on a Saturday - their commitment to capturing beautiful homes is truly amazing.  I did learn a lot from that day, but one of the biggest learnings I came away with was that magazines love detail and colour, the house has to have the right bones, it has to be something special and it need to photograph, although in saying that Armelle is the BOMB, she has an amazing ability to make anything look fabulous - check out her website to see more of her amazing work.
I would love both her and Julia to come to my house one day!!!! ( another grand wish of mine) and make it look amazing and see it in the pages of Home Beautiful - imagine that - ohhh to dream!!!


December 14, 2014

gold chalk gets to take a look at Kate's place

Do you ever drive by a house and wonder what's behind that gate??? Or think, wow, that looks amazing - I bet there is something really special in there! Well that's exactly what I thought when I first turned up to this house in my local neighbourhood. Lucky for me, the very lovely owner let me take a closer look inside, she herself was a little camera shy, but what was behind those gates absolutely blew me away - designed and built by the owners, the architecture and detail both externally and internally is amazing - I really hope my photography gives you a very small indication of the awesomeness of this home - thank you Kate for inviting me inside x

this huge deck is the perfect spot to entertain and take in the amazing views
beautiful leadlight doors salvaged from the original house
the entrance
  more amazing leadlight


November 24, 2014

cushions - how to style them and where to buy them!

picture from The Design Files

Cushions are a stylists best friend - I love using them to add colour, texture and interest to a space, but all too often, I see them not being used correctly or people just lacking confidence to pull them together. In fact it's probably one of the most asked questions I get - how do I pull them together and where do I buy them from.  Well, today I am going to reveal some of the things I like to do with cushions!

picture Freedom Furniture

1.  no matter what colour couch you have always include a black and white zig zag (or Chevron) cushion - it helps define the space and ground it!

2. Add interest with colour and shape - mix the shapes up, round, large square, rectangular

 3. Mix prints and strips

Add texture - velvet, shag - what ever tickles your fancy

 4. never match - always mix

 5. Layer them in odd numbers - 3, 5 or 7!!!
 6. don't try to hard - just throw them on - there really is no formula

Picture - Crate Expectations
 7. Add some quirk - words or animal prints - have some fun
8. I love feather inserts - they really make all the difference
9. kids ranges can equally look good in an adult setting!

 always add black and white to the mix - this cushion is so affordable - from IKEA
 Rachel Castle Round Cushions - add some fun and Colour to a space
 this is my go to cushion from the IKEA range and it feather filled!
9. keep the colour pallet simple - no more than 3 shades of colour
10. add some metallic to spice things up.

My top 10 
Destinations for Cushions

they have the most amazing cushion wall - shop here for range

shop here for colour and quirk

beautiful shapes and colours

on trend and lots to mix and match

huge range and fast delivery

7. Aura
bold designs and nice shapes

shop here to add quirk

9. Ikea
great basics and some feather filled - affordable

10. Freedom
on trend and easily accessible, also great basics at affordable prices

If you need help choosing cushions for your space, I can help you! In home consultations are available and cushion workshops/shopping trips - please contact me for further details.

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